"Ooh, shock me one good time."




Skye Townsend “Pineapple Diet”

( is you tryna eat? )


I swear to y’all me and my sister got my mama on this song and she still thinks it’s just about clean eating lmao. Haaaa

T-Boz, Estelle, Esperanza, Monica, and Kimbra featured in Janelle Monáe’s new music video "Electric Lady"

LOVED these parts….







Janelle Monae - “Electric Lady” (VIDEO)

I’ve waited forever for this!!

I don’t think I’ve listened to any song in the last 12 months as much as I have this one. 

lol @ that product placement in the beginning tho. Samsung must have paid for a chunk of this video



*calms down and presses play*


like…this video just came out today and i’ve played it like 25 times. This song was dope enough JUST as a song…but as a video?! LISTEN…



Jaz the Rapper knocks Sway out of his seat!

does she have songs? I don’t care much for battle rappers and so far that’s all I’ve seen from her from you guys, but this verse suggests she can actually write verses and possibly cohesive songs.

She’s on an unofficial remix of Big Sean’s Beware and did a Control Freestyle…those are the most notable. She created a new youtube page recently but most of her other stuff is on her old one.


Jaz the Rapper knocks Sway out of his seat!

"Ay Sway, what’s good.. I got it nigga.. Yo these bars heavy, you might wanna spot a nigga"

Every time I hear that line, I’m reminded of how it ain’t just about words… That girl got FINESSE! She’s smooth with it.. And as soon as she brings that smoothness to her battles, she’ll be damn near unstoppable..

Lemme put my Jaz Stan back up on the shelf .. I try not to let it show too often. I love her tho


DoomsDay Freestyles: RellyOn and Jaz The Rapper Freestyle

I go on Sway Freestyle video binges. I love hearing bars and Jaz The Rapper has them. Heads, check this out.

SKILL, man

Jaz choked in the first round and QB choked in the 3rd…so they’re pretty much even…i think Jaz took it because she came WITH it bars wise. People take away from Jaz all the time because she’s not as aggressive as some of these other women but if it was all about coming AT somebody, it wouldn’t be a rap battle, it’d be a street fight. I think she took it on bars alone..she just gotta start being able to get through her rhymes regardless of how the crowd reacts. 

QB was dope…i think she got hung up on certain topics (like Jaz’s coochie) and wasted a lot of time when she coulda been comin at her with more lyrically..but..whatever. I think Jaz took round 3 for sure and edged QB out in round 2…So Jaz got this one 2-1

5 random facts about myself

This is so hard for me but whatever

1. I love country music and not just in a “i listen to it in social settings and sometimes on my radio” type of way…no, i LOVE country music and own a pair of cowboy boots and me and Luke Bryan are gonna get …there’s that.

2. I have a slight addiction to popcorn, especially Kettle Corn. 

3. I’m terrified of squirrels. Like…i don’t play with those bitches AT ALL and will change my route to avoid them at all costs. 

4. I know all the dance battle routines from the House Party movies. the one from the 2nd movie is my favorite, though.

5. I become a freestyle rapper when i’m drunk. Like i really think i got skills…

and i guess i’ll taggggggggg monieinthamiddle abcnewsofficial creolespice coreydrake (even tho he’s tagged me in a million things and i never did anndddd ummm fiercedeception

now do this shit and tag 5 ppl.

Yo..i really hate the way they do Jaz when she rhymes…

I hate how the crowd NEVER LETS HER GO…they mess up her effin flow with all that “ohhh”ing and “ahh”ing..i hate that shit. And they don’t do her opponents like that. 40 and QB both got their lines out with minimal interruption but Jaz can’t get NOTHIN out…ever. 



Jaz bodied her all 3 rounds, I haven’t seen a battle this one sided in very long time.

Yeah she did. My feelings would be hurt

Jaz and that “I got a gun SO BIG it don’t work” had me OUTTTTTT…She killed her round for round.

I read a bunch of people who wholeheartedly believe 40 is better than Jaz, but IN THAT RING was the time for 40 to show it. She was NOT prepared and Jaz spanked her…period. No excuses. If you’re better, PROVE IT.

I rock with Jaz but i really wish she would’ve been able to get through her rhymes…all that stopping because of the crowd was mad annoying.




Beyonce - Mine feat. Drake - Kaelynn KK Harris - Choreography

She did that!!!!

had no choice but to reblog

i love the little girls watching her in amazement

listen that “carried away” move?! my mouth flew open…that move by itself was just..girl

"Mink" by Revlon is a really nice nude for darker skin tonesknewblack


Thank you 

Im gonna google it right now

look at God! 


bcauseican what really grinds my gears is that she had several videos in the works so much unseen lethal choreo.

exactly!! People fail to realize that Dawn is a hell of a dancer. She was one of THE best on her season of MTB..and videos like BOMBS?! pshhh..yeshhh




Whats a good nude lipstick for darker complexions that doesnt wash you out completely  (Im NC50 in Mac) 

i wanna know too! (I’m NW45)

I live for reds and pinks but I want a nice nude and a orange like every black youtube guru seems to have

I don’t even wear lipstick but since today just so happens to be National Lipstick Day (I know, what a coincidence, right? I swear i’m not lyin tho..look it up lol), i’ve been researching lipsticks and wondered what would look decent with my skin tone as well.