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"Ladarius Sapho had his valedictorian speech already prepared when the principal at Proviso East High School in Maywood, Illinois informed the straight A student that he was not eligible to receive the top honor he worked so hard to achieve.

With a 4.135 GPA, The principal explained that, while he performed well enough for the valedictorian position, he technically didn’t qualify for the honor. “I was gonna be number one, valedictorian of 2014. I was going to be giving the speech at graduation. Now they won’t let me.” Sapho explained.

Antoinette Gray is a community advocate who has been trying to help Sapho retain his valedictorian status. “There is no policy,” said Gray told Fox 32. “They have been asked not once, but two or three times to produce that written policy. And the reason that was given by the school principal, is nonsense. Gray says the Principal is simply using his own discretion and that there is no regulation on the books specifying Valente’s decision to withhold the valedictorian from the Proviso East senior. A district representative said the policy can be found on the district website, but so far no one has been able to locate such a policy. According to Gray, it wasn’t in any written documentation anywhere.”

What are your thoughts on this?

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I’m over shit like this happening.

This happened in my hometown. My cousin graduated in 1986 with a 4.0 and she was the only one who had it. She was Valedictorian. But the next year my sister had a 4.2 and there were two white kids with a 4.0. They made all three the Val for 1987 instead of just giving it to her alone. It was bullshit then and its bullshit now.

This happened at my alma mater THIS year. The first time in years a young black man was valedictorian.. And they changed the policy to include factoring in of the students ACT score along WITH the GPA. He had the highest GPA but not the highest ACT score and was knocked down to like #6 or #7 in the class.

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