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*TOTD* | Craig David - You Know What - Born To Do It

Now this one, is a bit of a blast from the past. Released during what I consider to be the golden age of R&B and music in general (‘98-‘03), I don’t care what anyone says, “Born To Do It” was a BAD album…bangers, bangers, bangers for days.

2000 was just about when UK Garage was peaking, so many good tracks were in circulation and Craig David had fully been involved in the movement with his collabo with the Artful Dodger on Garage staple “Rewind”

“Born To Do It” enjoyed both critical acclaim and commercial success, debuting at #1 on the UK Album Chart and eventually selling more than 8 million copies worldwide. If I’m honest though, I had kinda forgotten about it until the other day but on re-listening, I remembered what a superb piece of work this really is. Kudos.

Anywho, this is my favourite from the album so I hope you enjoy.


~Ri~ x


Rendezvous, Rewind, Last Night, Time To Party!! Yeas!!! Born To Do It was my album!! Beginning to end!

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